JackinChat is an online masturbation community for like-minded adults who love to masturbate. JackinChat is open to men and women of all sexual orientations over the age of 18 (18+). JackinChat is for open discussion about masturbation, sex, sexuality, or whatever you think! We offer free chat about masturbation, message boards and more.

Why was this page created?
JackinChat is designed to provide a place for adults to discuss masturbation and other sexual issues with other adults in a fun and interactive way. You can chat with other adults via live chat or post messages in various forums on message boards. At JackinChat, we believe that sex and masturbation are fun and interesting topics to talk about freely and openly with others.

Who is the target audience for JackinChat?
JackinChat is aimed at all adults (from the age of 18 to be exact), male or female, straight, gay or bi, who enjoy having fun. Masturbation is a natural and everyday part of many adult lives, but many people don’t have access to other people who want to share or discuss the topic. JackinChat is here to give adults that opportunity.

Is JackinChat worth it?
JackinChat and all its services are 100% free. We also don’t overwhelm you with annoying pop-ups and ads.

Is it only permissible to talk about masturbation?
Of course not! We don’t have strict rules about what people can and cannot discuss. As in any chat room on the internet, people are free to talk about whatever they can think of as long as it doesn’t violate the Terms of Service. JackinChat only creates a cool, open and honest chat atmosphere.